Archie (and Gaynor).

Blogger, Instagram'er, Chief Treat Taster

Freddie (and Laura).

This is where we tell you about the team behind Two Terriers Social Club and our mission to entertain the dogs of London.


Gaynor started her first dog business in 2010 - just before I was born.  Our doggie spa and boutique in Putney was a firm favourite with the dogs and their humans across South West London.  In 2014 she also started a dog walking business and in 2015 decided to focus on that full time.  So now I help her walk lots of other doggies and I am something of a local celebrity in the Putney area (if I do say so myself).


At weekends Gaynor and Stu like to take me on adventures, mostly in London and Cornwall but I have been all over the UK and even France!  They are always on the lookout for friendly places to take me.


I first met Freddie and his mum Laura when we were both still pups and we have been friends ever since.  He now has a brother called Twix who is a Soidog rescued from Thailand and a 2 legged brother called Edward.  They too go on lots of adventures together.


Gaynor and Laura like to drink some weird fizzy stuff called Prosecco and one night, after a few of those, they said. “Hey we like to take our dogs to great events and we wish there were more of them in London.  We should organise them ourselves.”


And so The Two Terriers Social Club was born.  We have a fantastic calendar of events planned for 2019 and will be reviewing dog products and services as well as keeping our members informed of the best doggy hotspots in London.


We look forward to meeting you...


Archie and Freddie


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