The Bikeshed

Our unique venue spread across four Victorian railway arches in the heart of Shoreditch offers a great vibe, welcoming crowd and freshly prepared food from our open kitchen. Either dine in a booth in the restaurant, snack on a sofa in the lounge or enjoy our private terrace.

384 Old Street


020 7729 8114




Bike Shed Motorcycle Club

We stopped off for a coffee in the lounge area which has armchairs, sofas and low tables where you can also enjoy snacks and nibbles from the bar. The main restaurant area serves breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. The burgers looked good so we will return to try them soon!
We were very welcome at The Bike Shed and as it is such a huge place there is plenty of room for us to sit with the humans. Actual bikes do ride through the courtyard so if, like us, you’re not too keen on the noise they make it would be wise to sit inside. There are water bowls dotted around and lots of photo opportunities. We enjoyed watching some humans at the groomers until Gaynor said it would be good if they did dogs too - time to leave we think!